The 4 Gateways Process provides a structure to coach and support change with anyone, anytime, on any topic.

The 4 Gateways Training gives you and your clients access to:


Fresh Perspective
Alignment with Purpose
Engaged Passion
Right Use of Power



"The 4 Gateways works!…both for me and my clients. 4 Gateways Training has been essential in my personal growth and my work in the world."

-Seth Braun, Business Coach, Author of 'Indestructible Success'

A 12 Week Program for Activating Hidden Genius in Yourself and Others.

Simply put, the 4 Gateways Process taps into the four fundamental ways we all have of processing experience - thinking, feeling, being, and acting. These are our natural hard-wired gateways to wisdom. When we open all four of these gateways and engage their inherent transformational capacities, our chances of making real and positive change is increased immeasurably. The 4 Gateways process is clear, comprehensive, adaptable, deep, and effective.


"The 4 Gateways model provides me with a map I can use for any issue and any client. The model offers access to powerful unconscious blocks that drive thinking and behavior. It’s essential to my practice."

-Brian Gast, Executive Coach, Author of 'The Business of Wanting More'

Rhonda Hess"The 4 Gateways is stunning in it's ability to create real change at the deepest levels with a huge variety of client issues. Every time I use this process, my clients are awakened to a new way of accessing their inner wisdom."

-Rhonda Hess, Business Coach, Prosperous Coach Inc.

Who is this program for?

The 4 Gateways has wide application and is a potent tool for...

  • Coaches
  • Therapists/Social Workers
  • Group Facilitators
  • Business Leaders/Managers
  • Mentors/Teachers
  • Health Care & Wellness Providers
  • Relationship Counselors
  • Mediators
  • Artists
  • Clergy/Spiritual Directors

How can it make a difference?

The 4 Gateways model is elegant in its simplicity, profound in its depth, and rock solid in producing transformational results.

Learning this model will open opportunities for both you and your clients to...

  • Use all your gifts and natural genius.
  • Learn a basic structure that can be easily adapted to a variety of personal and professional settings.
  • Turn any problem into an opportunity.
  • Consistently create breakthroughs both professionally and personally.
  • Transform assumed barriers into amazing resources.
  • Facilitate change with greater ease.
  • Positively impact all your relationships, your work, your community, and the world!

Awaken your Client's Clarity, Commitment, Compassion & Courage

Program Outline

  • 2 training intensives

  • Tele-seminars

  • 100 page training manual

  • Individualized mentor calls

  • Guided meditations

  • Structured practice sessions

  • Post-training support


Part 1: May 18-20

Part 2 & 3: To be collaboratively arranged.

6:30-9 PM Friday, 9 AM-5:30 PM Saturday

9:30 AM - 1:00 PM Sunday

For inquiries: or call 303-530-3337

Jan 15-17, 2016

The goal of Fundamental Skills Training is to provide you with a clear understanding of the basic 4 Gateways Process and be able to use it effectively for yourself, your clients and friends. You will get a solid grounding in the fundamental assumptions and philosophy underlying the process. You will learn the gifts and shadows of each gateway as well as how to work cleanly using your own strengths in each gateway.

You will learn how to guide your client to step out of their conditioned ways of being- Open to their inner wisdom, define their issue or challenge, determine the direction for the work and possible outcomes, step out of their conditioned system to get 4 different perspectives, begin to see barriers as assets, evaluate the risks to change, find deeper meaning, and how to get support for soulful systemic resolutions. Ultimately, you will learn to guide your clients to bring new awarenesses into their inner life, their relationships, their work, and their communities.

Part 1 will preview the variety of deeper tools available during the course of the whole program. This weekend will focus on personal self-care as a basis for making the model real in your own life.

Spring 2016


To be truly great helping professionals in any field we have to practice what we preach. We can't take our clients to places that we haven't explored ourselves. This weekend will provide each participant the opportunity to assess their strengths and shadows in each Gateway and do their own soul work using the 4 Gateways. You will leave this phase of the training having a much better understanding of your own inner world, how your shadows show up in each Gateway and how they impact many aspects of your work and life. You will discover how perceived weakness and vulnerability is always an asset in your work with others.

You will learn how to work with fears and resistance using voice dialogue and risk management. You will work on monitoring yourself during sessions, staying focused, and working in a timely way. We will focus on creating “Courts of Support” for yourself and your clients. As desired, you will have an opportunity to request feedback and evaluation of your skills from both your peers and from the training staff.

Dates to be determined collaboratively.


In the third Part of the Training, you will develop your own unique personal style with the 4 Gateways process, accessing all aspects of your gifts and wisdom. You will deepen your skills in seeing and contacting the client where they are and understanding how best to use the model to meet their needs and desires. You will leave this phase of the training with more tools and greater depth of facilitation in each gateway. You will learn shortcuts for getting to the heart of any issue and cutting edges using the model.

You will be introduced to a variety of possible applications for the 4 Gateways including but not limited to: working with groups and teams, money and success issues, leadership, relationship and couples work, facilitating conflicts and mediating, and spiritual development.

In this last phase of the training, you will deepen skills tuned to your work in the world and how to apply the model to your work. Much of this Part of the Training will be spent working with individual coaching challenges informed by your interests and concerns. This will be a learning laboratory in the deepest sense. We will be collaborating with you to create dynamic models that work for you and your unique client population.


"I can say quite easily that the 4 Gateways is as powerful as any work I've ever experienced both personally and professionally. This is a 'must' training for anyone in the helping professions."

-Ron Hoffman, Founder and Executive Director, Compassionate Care ALS


 "4 Gateways never disappoints. There are profound takeaways for clients in every session. Clients repeatedly tell me this process takes them farther faster than any other type of coaching they have tried."

-Marilena Minucci, Health Coach


Coach yourself and others through anything, using your inner wisdom.

"Starting within, working in a circle, in a sacred manner, I heal my self, my relationships, and the world."

- Native American Prayer

Your Training Staff:

Tom Daly, Ph.D. is creator of the 4 Gateways Process and founder and director of the 4 Gateways Training Programs.

Jude Blitz, M.A. is a certified 4 Gateways Coach, Hakomi Therapist, Family Constellation Facilitator and a 5th degree Black Belt in Aikido.

About Tom...

Tom is a nationally respected personal and professional development coach, leadership and coach trainer, inspiring seminar leader and group facilitator, therapist, holistic health educator, and ceremonial artist. For over 35 years, Tom has taken thousands of people through the transition from psychological and emotional conditioning to the freedom of self-knowledge, and from the wild swings of the ego-constrained living to the blessings of inner peace. His workshops and retreats have a crisp intensity that unifies the transcendent with the mundane.

Tom’s training began at an early age learning from two amazing grandparents and has continued with world-renowned teachers in Psychology, Coaching, Shamanism, Men’s Work, and a variety of spiritual traditions. Tom has taken numerous transformational tools from Voice Dialogue, Shadow Work, Shamanism, Breath-work, Systemic Constellation Work, Qi Gong, Ritual Process, Dynamic Dialogue, and a variety of meditation practices and integrated them into the 4 Gateways process.

Tom and his wife and business partner, Jude Blitz, direct the Living Arts Foundation which provides many avenues for personal, group, and professional growth including:
4 Gateways Coaching, Family Constellation Work, The Inner King and Inner Sovereign Training, Elder Re-Firement, Deepening Retreats, Divine Lover Training, Wild Wisdom Theater, and A Year 2 Live program.

Tom is a proud father, step-father, father-in-law, & grandfather of four amazing grandchildren.

About Jude...

Jude has been involved in the 4 Gateways process since its inception, co-facilitates trainings, and serves as a master mentor for students in the program. Together with Tom, she is founder and director of the Living Arts Foundation.

Jude draws on a enormous variety of practices and healing traditions to support her work with clients. These include: over 30+ years of practice in Hakomi Therapy and Aikido, 18 years of Shadow Work, and over a decade of offering workshops and trainings in Systemic Constellation Work.  What links all these practices is Jude’s strength in weaving each client’s embodied intelligence with all their hidden and vital selves into their ongoing lives. All of her work emphasizes generating a heartful conversation between inherent inner wisdom and the conscious mind.

Jude is a respected elder in women’s soul work and is co-founder of the Women in Power training ( WIP is an initiatory experience for women to explore their darkest of demons.
She is the mother of a joyous engineer keeping GPS satellites in orbit, and she adores her remarkable step-grandkids who call her "Baba."

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